Trail Ride

After a lot of traveling last year, I haven’t been up for lots of travel. I’ve been enjoying being a homebody and hanging out with the pets. But recently I’ve been getting the itchy feet again, but still want to sleep in my own bed (and not take time off work which I’m sure my boss appreciates). To this end we have started looking at things to do around here. Last weekend I suggested ice skating, but Bob vetoed that idea. In all fairness, it is probably the first time he has totally nixed something I wanted to do, so I’ll give him that one. But after thinking about what might be a fun day out, we decided to try horseback riding.


I looked around for someplace to take out novices and found a few possibilities. When I started reading reviews Cypress Breeze Farms came up over and over as well run, friendly staff and having very healthy and cared for horses. Yes, there were cheaper places out there, but I have a thing about animals – they should be treated well and care for since they depend on humans. We have a responsibility to them. I called and made an appointment for us and was very, very happy when one of the first questions was how much riding experience we had. None pretty much covers it.


We had such a good time. I would never think Pinellas Park would have horse trails and farm country, but there are a lot of horses there. Nestled in among the neighborhoods are trails and equestrian centers that make for a very pretty ride. The horses were very sweet and easy to ride, the guide was awesome and we had a really great day out. Pretty sure both of us will be sore tomorrow, but it was a great afternoon. We made a full day of it and had lunch in St. Petersburg then hit the farmers market there. And the best part is I’m home tonight to watch the Patriots Colts game and sleep in my own bed with my own furry creatures around.

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