When It Rains, It Pours

Ever have one of those days? Of course you have, that’s why we all say it was ‘one of those days.’ It’s universal. Some day, sometime, everything seems to go wrong at once.

My “day” started off last night. Multiple times last night. What happened? Tigger happened.

So cute. So sweet. So innocent looking. … The loudest cat you’ve heard outside a wild animal. Tigger, for all he’s afraid of everything, will sing the sing if his people, at max volume, multiple times a night. This is also interspersed with Gracie playing with her catnip ball.

IMG_0680.JPG Super cute and super sweet kitten, but she is not exactly a delicate player.

So we had the multiple wake ups from the cats last night followed by my alarm going off at five am. No big deal except for the life of me I could not turn it off. I managed to turn on the nightlight feature I didn’t know it had, but it took me so long to turn it off, I thought for certain Bob would be awakened by this. After finally getting the alarm off, I managed to trip over Tigger on the way to the bathroom before turning on the coffee pot only to have it not work.

Not only did the coffee pot not work, it managed to break in the loudest possible way. Out coffee pot has a bean grinder option. We never use it because it sounds like a tanker truck rumbling through the kitchen, or a jackhammer digging up the tile. For this reason I grind my beans in a regular grinder and set the coffee the night before. This morning, however, I pushed “start” and rather start brewing, it goes to grind beans that are not there. Realize the settings are correct – set to pre ground and brew – and I’ve done this pretty much every weekday morning since we got the coffee pot a year or so ago. But this morning it just would not work. I tried a second time with the same results. I unplugged the coffee pot, reset everything, and tried again. Same result. After the fourth or fifth attempt I was afraid Bob (whom I was certain was now totally awake) I nixed the regular pot of coffee and decided to use the weekend one cup at a time coffee maker.

So after a night of no sleep, trouble with the alarm clock (at least it went off at the correct time), tripping over a cat, a loud and broken coffee pot, I was ready to head to work … And could not find Gracie. She decided to wander a bit this morning, like she does most mornings, but she hasn’t gotten use to my new work schedule so she was no where to be found when I had to leave. I left a note in the one place I knew Bob would find it – on the coffee pot – and asked him to look for her before he left. And oh yes, the coffee pot is broken.

Because I can’t do two days of no (or very limited coffee) in the morning, we decided to go out and get a new coffee pot this evening. Wouldn’t you know we got caught in a down pour, soaking both of us. I thought the pouring rain was pretty fitting for the day. But we have a new coffee pot!

Needless to say, Bob picked this one out, but I think it’s very pretty. It’s also very simple and has few parts so I’m hoping it lasts longer than the last one. As long as the cheap coffee pot that brewed pretty good coffee that Bob had for years would be fantastic.

Oh. And Gracie got a new box.

So while this was a comedy of errors kind of day, it was still a good day. The new job is fantastic. I commented to a Bob that I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with myself right now. I’m not stressed out, don’t have a knot in my stomach and actually like going into work each day. It’s weird, but in a very good way.

And on that little note, I’m going to end this day by getting my coffee set for the morning and try to sleep through Tigger’s singing tonight.

5 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Emmie Cobb Ledsinger says:

    Still laughing. With you, I promise!

  2. We actually like our grinder because of the noise. It serves as a second alarm clock in our house.

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