North Valley Chardonnay – 2013

  • Basic info: North Valley (Soter Vineyards) Chardonnay, Oregon, 2013
  • Type: White
  • Price estimate: $30 (from vineyard)
  • Look: Pale yellow in color. Very few legs evident
  • Smell: Coconut, pineapple, vanilla (Bob agreed on the smells, surprisingly.)
  • Taste: Pear and apple initially. (Bob got pina colada, which I got as a secondary taste, but he got it upfront.) Nice acidity, but still a soft wine. Long finish.
  • Conclusions: Love this wine. Great body – not heavy, oily or okay, but still soft and fuller than most white wines. The acidity is softened by the texture of the wine.
  • Other notes: Bob and I bought two bottles of this when we were in Oregon last summer and were saving them for a special occasion. I decided that we really should just drink a bottle since we had it, so we opened it. I don’t usually go for Chardonnay  (see first wine post) but both of us loved this one the fist time we had it, and it was just as good as we remembered this week.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes on this one, but from the website: “Aromas of Meyer lemon, Asian pear, fresh apple with hints of vanilla bean, custard, hazelnut and a trace of match stick. Sleek and silky with a vibrant, juicy quality. Rich and mouth coating, the fresh fruit flavors are echoed on the palate with hints of stone fruit (white peach). There is an unmistakable mineral element on the finish as the flavors linger.” 13.4% alcohol by volume.


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