Janina Wines, Sauvignon Blanc – 2016

  • Basic info: Janina Wines, “Ceviche” Catch of the Day, Sauvignon Blanc, Central Coast, CA – 2016
  • Type: White
  • Price estimate: $13 (local wine store)
  • Look: Pale straw in color with almost no legs.
  • Smell: Faint apple and some orange
  • Taste: Pineapple, green apple, lie, lemon, orange flower with a bit of saline and white peach at mid palate. Short to medium finish with notes of lime.
  • Conclusions: It was okay. I liked it as a summer sipper. It isn’t something worth going gaga over, but it is a perfectly nice, summer wine.
  • Other notes: Bob and I disagreed on this one at about every point. I called the color pale straw and he said it had too much color to be straw. I said it smelled like apples and he said he didn’t get anything on the nose. I said the finish was nice, he said it was short and not really there. We did agree that it was pretty good, but that was about all we could agree on for this one.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes. 13% alcohol by volume.


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